Doctor’s Diary for HES: Employee’s Health, the Nation’s Wealth

While building adequate infrastructure for the transformation of the healthcare sector is a priority for us at Brainpan, we also understand the importance of raising awareness of critical care within a population. Nearly 27% of deaths happen in India due to a lack of knowledge regarding primary care and first aid negligence. We believe that number can be dramatically reduced.

Our Doctor’s Diary for Health & Environment Safety (HES) initiative provides first-aid response training to organizations that deal with masses of people, in particular. We are currently working with Uber in India, where we train drivers to be able and confident while giving first aid and emergency treatment, if ever needed.


Employers have a great responsibility to nurture employee resilience; there is strong evidence that a healthy workforce is vital to a country’s competitiveness, productivity and well-being. Over 50% of the working population spend the majority of their time at work, so the workplace provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness, as well as guide and incentivize individuals to develop healthier lifestyles. This has proven to have a multiplier effect, as workers integrate health and well-being into their families and communities.

Klaus Schwab (Founder and Executive Chairman)World Economic Forum

In today’s economic environment, facilitating the development of effective employer health strategies is a smart investment.

John Dineen (Former President and Chief Executive Officer)GE Healthcare

In many workplaces, safety is managed as a separate process, largely disconnected from the business imperatives of production and profit. However, health and safety is not a process in its own right, but an outcome of business decisions, strategy, culture and performance.

EY (The future of health and safety - Moving beyond zero)Ernst & Young


When systems integrate efficiently with minimal change to customary practices and established workflow, the ultimate winner is the patient.


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Annual Health Checkup

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  • Gathering medical data
  • Gathering disease data
  • Identifying emerging diseases
  • Providing OHD for research
  • Developing Open Source Tools


  • Early intervention 
  • Safer working environment
  • Happier employees
  • Reduces cost


  • Healthier employee
  • Safer employees
  • Healthier society
  • Supporting Digital India Initiative
  • Supporting Startup India Initiative