There is a huge gap between life sciences and computing in India. We aim to bridge this gap with data analytics, high performance computing, machine learning, and mathematical modeling to create a healthier and better India. Brainpan Innovations is bridging this gap by bringing together an interdisciplinary team of computational scientists, computer scientists, designers, engineers, mathematicians, and medical professionals working to address various challenges in the healthcare industry of developing economies.

Recognizing the lack of an effective epidemic early warning system along with huge amount of data loss due ineffective recordkeeping, Brainpan Innovations has launched its groundbreaking pilots for Disease Atlas and Doctor’s Diary in India. An initiative for the 1.31+ billion Indian population, it records and analyzes the rapid spread of infectious diseases and maintains individual health data. Recently, we have started to share our ideas, knowledge, and stories on Medium.

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Learn how we are addressing the challenges in Medical Data and Epidemiology.

Learn how we are addressing the challenges in Pediatric Healthcare.


In India, 360 million people live below poverty line, 270 million people belong to lower middle class. These groups are most vulnerable to diseases (CD [Communicable Diseases e.g. malaria, TB, influenza etc] and NCD [Non-Communicable Diseases e.g. chronic lung, heart, kidney disease, diabetes etc]). They rely on the daily wages for their livelihood. Falling sick, missing work, paying for medical treatment creates a huge burden on these families. Our technologies (Disease Atlas and Doctor’s Diary) address both Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases, while indirectly but deeply reducing the socio-economic burden on these groups.


Our diverse product portfolio aims to create a healthier nation through Preventive Healthcare approach. For example, Doctor’s Diary for Kids, on one hand helps to monitor and improve the health and nutrition of a child, on the other hand, facilitate early identification of diseases like myopia, ADHD, chronic illnesses etc. Another example, Doctor’s Diary is not only helping doctors to identify high-risk pregnancies but also lung disorders and chronic diseases. To summarize, our aspiration is two folds (1) to ease the life of the aging population (2) strengthen the foundation and the future of our nation by improving the health of our young generation.

Medical Data

The value of medical data is surprisingly underestimated and underutilized in India. Right from acting as catalysts in drug developmental projects to customized private care, their utilities are endless. Doctor’s Diary envisions addressing all such scientific challenges. Doctor’s Diary is a data-driven Electronic Health Record (EHR) application for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to document diseases, diagnosis, and prescriptions. Being a cloud-based platform, it is pushing the paradigm of prescriptive to preventive healthcare.

Pediatric Healthcare

India is a young country with children representing roughly 27% of the total population. Increasing number of working parents and work pressure in India deprives them from focusing on their child’s needs. Doctor’s Diary for Kids addresses these challenges. Being a pediatric healthcare service for schools and kindergartens, it facilitates early diagnosis and quality treatment of any underlying disorder that may affect a child’s ability to learn, grasp, and perform with utmost efficiency.


Infectious diseases are a threat to public health and economic stability of several nations. The conventional systems used by healthcare organizations (e.g. CDC, WHO, PAHO) are not effective and efficient at real-time monitoring due to a considerable delay in acknowledging and publishing the contagious outbreaks. Disease Atlas is a cloud-based, autonomous early warning system for epidemics and pandemics. It mines, monitors, and mathematically models various contagious outbreaks.


According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), more than 2.7 million workers die every year as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases. Moreover, the labour force is growing older and less healthy: 52% is overweight or obese and 38% suffer from excessive pressure on the job. Our Doctor’s Diary for Health & Environment Safety (HES) initiative provides first-aid response training to organizations that deal with masses of people, in particular. Available in-class, participants focus on improving workplace safety, reducing the risk of illness and injury to staff and patients.


The beautiful blend of scientific, technological, and economical benefits.

One Patient One Record

Your Data in Your Hands

Outbreak Monitoring

Tracks Epidemics and Pandemics

Preventive Healthcare

Disease Prevention as Opposed to Treatment

Cost Effective

Free for Patients, Almost Free for Doctors

Saves Time & Effort

Accelerates Clinical Workflow

Tap Expert Network

Share Data, Share Findings, Share Solutions

Cloud Power for Versatility

Access Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

User Centeric

Designed both for Patients & Doctors

Compliance & Standardization


What our Clients & Partners have to say

Brainpan's Doctor's Diary Health Card is a good initiative in medical record keeping and maintenance. It has the advantage of checking/updating the health data online. This is a one-time small investment with a huge benefit for the patients and doctors alike. I hope this endeavour continues and remains successful. All the best to the people/volunteers involved in this great project. - Dr. A.K. Sethi, Sethi Clinic, Rishikesh
Thank you very much Brainpan for such an organized health camp. The members were sensitively handling the kids and the entire camp was conducted smoothly. Hoping for many more camps with you!- Kshama Hastak, Sarthak Foundation, Lucknow
I would like to thank Brainpan Innovations for paying attention to patient's needs and moving from prescriptive to preventive healthcare. I am satisfied with the service provided. Their initiative of doing retrospective studies and detecting early warning signals is commendable. I feel good to be associated with the company.- Dr. Lovee Mehrotra, Lovee Shubh Clinic, Lucknow
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Brainpan team for their sincere efforts towards community health upliftment by making people aware about their child's health status so as to keep their wards fit. They provide opportunity to community to learn and understand about the importance of healthy living and how to keep themselves away from getting ill. They are doing Excellent work and need to progress well with a proper Monitoring and Evaluation framework.- Dr. Subodh S. Natu, Dr Natu's Care n Cure Dental Clinic, Lucknow
Nice move in the world of digitalization, for global upliftment and the betterment in the field of medical services to patients by the health professionals. - Dr. Ritu Prasad, Morpheus, Dehradun
I am attached to Brainpan Innovations Pvt. Ltd. since 6 last months. Their team is very well behaved and co-operative, they managed camps in school in a very organized manner. I would recommend all doctors to get attached with them for social work and personal satisfaction.- Dr. Aakansha Srivastava, 32 Pearls Multispeciality Dental Clinic, Lucknow