Cold Chain

Transporting and monitoring vaccines from manufacturing sites to parts of the developing world is an immense challenge, given the need to store these vaccines at a constant temperature range.

We are building cold-chain solutions that help you monitor the location, temperature, and condition of every vaccine in real-time so that every vaccine is potent and saves lives.

Our Mission

Supply Chain Complexity

Solving Supply Chain Complexity

Stability + Potency

Maintaining Stability and Potency

Compliance + Security

Ensuring Compliance and Security


Track and Trace

Provides Track, Trace, and Monitoring Capabilities

Smart Logistics

Tracks and Optimizes Vehicles

Vaccine Vial Monitor

Logs Temperature + Photo Sensitivity Data

Inventory Management

Monitors Vaccines and Safe-Injection Supplies

Decision Support System

Computes WMF, Equipment, Space Requirement

Real-Time Surveillance

Tracks Real-Time Outbreaks